Administering medication

Our educators are trained to administer medication in accordance with the medication administration procedure. Where the procedure has not been followed medication will not be administered.


The following procedures are observed to protect children and educators:

  • We will provide parents with a blank medication authority that must be completed by a medical practitioner, specialist, pharmacist or nurse practitioner before educators can administer any medication.
  • All medication, both prescribed and non-prescribed, will only be administered if accompanied by a valid medication authority. This includes teething gels and nappy creams.
  • All medication must be handed on arrival to the educator on duty who will confirm the instructions and when the last dose was given before storing the medication safely.
  • All medication, both prescribed and non-prescribed, must have chemists label with the child’s name clearly listed.
  • The required dosage and name of the medication must be clearly visible on the container.