Our pre-school program

Our pre-school, play-based education program helps to prepare your child for school life while providing them with plenty of individual attention within a caring, family-friendly environment. Pre-school is delivered by a university-educated early childhood teacher who offers a wide variety of learning experiences and activities for your child. These will include early numeracy activities such as counting and measurement, and early literacy activities such as reading, drawing and writing. As your child develops, the program will extend their competencies and skills to support their transition to school.

The 15-hour pre-school program is a natural extension of our childcare program. Children participating in the pre-school program are co-located with children participating in our childcare program, to enable them to maintain their friendship groups and their connection to early childhood educators.

In addition to daily face-to-face check ins, families will receive written reports each quarter from the Early Childhood Teacher letting them know about what their child’s overall developmental learning progress. Frequently updated wall displays will keep you up to date with the topics your child is learning.

While children are welcome to attend pre-school only, it can be combined with our regular childcare so that working families can take advantage of the care available before and after work, and during school holidays.

Pre-school is provided at no additional cost to that of regular childcare and families who are eligible for the Federal Government’s Child Care Subsidy may attract a fee subsidy.